The Embrace pedicure chair, is the only sanitary solution for high end salons looking to offer a luxurious spa pedicure but are unwilling to yield in their sanitation standards.  It is the solution for salon professionals who are looking to enhance their client's spa experience.  The Embrace has a high back, is plush and is extra wide to initiate the perfect snuggle.  The Embrace is also a massage chair with 3 levels of massage and 2 levels of heat so clients' comfort can be controlled with a touch of a finger.  In addition, the Embrace comes with manicure table and a sliding foot heater/massager unit to accommodate clients to their level of comfort.

 We use disposable durable plastic liners for every pedicure that are discarded after every customer, thus limiting the chance of spreading bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases. 

Z Luxury Is CT's Premier Natural Nail Care Spa. 

We Do Not Offer Acrylic, Dip, Gel, Gel Polish or Shellac Services.

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