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The letter Z is the most rarely used letter in the English language. It's rarity ensures that when seen, one will remember. For us, the Z also signifies exceptional standards and timeless sophistication. Hence, the reason we chose the letter Z to represent our brand. Z Luxury provides it's exclusive clientele with 5 star professional and personalized salon & mobile natural nail care services, premium products.


At Z Luxury we specialize in natural nail care services, offering the latest in polish colors and nail art trends without the use of harmful and toxic chemicals. You don't need to resort to plastics for perfect nails! Our nail treatments will make your natural nails longer, stronger, healthier and beautiful.


What started out as a hobby for Kristin Brundidge LNT, has now flourished into career. She has always had an interest in the beauty industry and discovered that she had a gift for doing nails. Kristin practiced her manicuring techniques on friends and family before began her training at Z Luxury in the fall of 2014. Kristin has been a manicurist with the company for over two years and has proven to be a valuable assett. Precise nail painting, excellent customer service and making her clients feel like royalty, are just a few of Kristin's talents.


Jasmine Leek LNT, discovered her love for creating beautiful manicures in 2014 and nurtured her passion for learning the latest techniques for creating fun, unique designs for all occasions. Jasmine began her training at Z Luxury in November of 2015 and has quickly established herself as an integral team member. Whether you’re looking for a professional manicure for work or a vibrant manicure for a night out, Jasmine will see to it that you leave her chair feeling and looking fabulous. She takes pride in ensuring her clients feel pampered and leave feeling knowledgeable on how to maintain healthy natural nails.


Kendra Quinn-Ward LNT, ANT is a manicurist extraordinaire, with a plethora of professional experience in the beauty industry. She attended cosmetology school for manicuring in Philadelphia, PA and became a licensed nail technician in 1996. Kendra has a special talent for pampering her clients and designing the most visually fashion-forward looks-whether it's a classic manicure, a Keith Haring inspired piece of nail art, or creating a bold and cutting edge nail design for a high fashion photo shoot. Her extraordinary abilities, creative consistency, innovative spirit, and charming personality, makes her a well respected and highly sought after manicurist. 

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